Cariboos, British Columbia

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User submitted observations from the field: trip reports, avalanche sightings and conditions observations.

Under the Only Cloud in BC 13 hours ago Observation We decided to ignore all the beautiful sunny weather in the province today and go skiing in the only cloudy, snowy place out there. Exploring in the Dome Creek area we found no traces of the January 12th surface hoar which has been found in the southern and western parts of the Cariboos. 3 photos Thursday January 21st Avalanche Canada, 16 hours ago Forecast 🌬🌬🌬 Where did all the powder go? 1 day ago Observation Recent moderate to strong southwesterly winds have blown the powder into stiff slabs in the alpine and treeline making for some firm riding conditions. We saw no signs of recent avalanches in the area. 3 photos Wednesday January 20th Avalanche Canada, 1 day ago Forecast Tuesday January 19th Avalanche Canada, 2 days ago Forecast Monday January 18th Avalanche Canada, 3 days ago Forecast East Raft Mountain 3 days ago Observation Making a report of what a snowmobiler posted on Facebook. An avalanche was triggered on East Raft Mountain and there is a crack across the top where slabs are still ready to come down Mid Mountain 4 days ago Observation Wind loaded pocket below rock band Pulled out to the side to let sluff run by , triggered this wind slab ( in picture ) 1 photos Sunday January 17th Avalanche Canada, 4 days ago Forecast Ground hog lake 5 days ago Observation Teaching Ast 1 field day. Snowpack is shallow for this time of year. Found some good snow in the trees everything above tree line very wind effected. Did find the rain crust and it did provide some results down 140cm. Lots of people hitting big lines today. Out there in the Cariboo's 5 days ago Observation Another epic sail after the most recent storm. Surprising lack of avalanche activity or signs of instabily over the last couple of days. Busy times in the high country with significant slope use of all aspects and angles. 3 photos Jan 16 ski tour 5 days ago Observation Lots of wind hammered snow on open slopes In treeline and BTL there is size 1-3 surface Hoar on the surface in places sheltered from the wind. Ski pen 15-25 cm, very fast skiing. 1 photos Saturday January 16th Avalanche Canada, 5 days ago Forecast Friday January 15th Avalanche Canada, 6 days ago Forecast Allen Blue Bird 1 week ago Observation Great day in Allen today. Lots of fresh powder and blue bird skies. Cloud cover moved in near the end of the day and winds were picking up as well. Didn’t see or feel any Avalanche activity. Did multiple test cuts in wind loaded areas with no results. 2 photos Blue Sky Anomaly 1 week ago Observation A great visibility day up the Dore with lots of morning sun, clouds and wind increasing throughout the afternoon. We saw evidence of several recent avalanches, all on northerly or easterly wind loaded features. Most of the avalanches we saw we suspected were 24-72 hours old. 6 photos Thursday January 14th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Wednesday January 13th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Tuesday January 12th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Monday January 11th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Sunday January 10th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Jubilee Bowl # splitfest 1 week ago Observation Good conditions for some quick laps in the non wind affected zones. Some obviously wind loaded areas showed some instability on the uptrack. 2 photos Craft Brew 1 week ago Observation two small crowns spotted from a distance. mid slope, partially buried by new snow. suspect they released naturally during strong wind event earlier this week. ended up skiing right over one of the crowns with no issues. another member party skied through debris and reported it was soft. Saturday January 9th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Lucille SH? 1 week ago Observation Caught the sunrise for another good visibility day. Lots of wind effect with good cornice development at ridgetops. Dug a pit at 1890m, N asp, 135cm snowpack, compression tests moderate down 50cm on surface hoar 4mm (appear to be broken down, possibly from the wind). 2 photos Allan Ck SH we found you 1 week ago Observation Great travel day in Allan Ck. Sunny skies with lots of views. Tons of folks slope testing out there today! Saw 1 natural cornice sz 1.0 avalanche on NE asp @ 2150m. Dug some more looking for that surface hoar and finally got a look at it @ 1940m down 60cm, sz 5-10mm. 2 photos Friday January 8th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Chappell Ck 2 weeks ago Observation Great riding in Chappell today. Still on the hunt for the surface hoar... We found it down 120cm giving hard results. Upper pack had an interface at the storm snow layer down 65cm also giving hard results. Good visibility today, no avalanches observed. 1 photos Thursday January 7th Avalanche Canada, 2 weeks ago Forecast

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