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Chief Pascal 10 hours ago Observation Decent day out up Chief Pascal. Quite wind affected, but skiable. Wind on the ridge felt more like a moderate than a light wind. Surface hoar through sheltered areas. 5 photos Needle Pk 15 hours ago Observation Took a day trip up Needle - overall conditions are pretty bad. Skin up through the trees wasn’t much fun very icy and all existing skin tracks have been bombed out by snowshoers. In the alpine it was crusty/hard conditions on basically all aspects - pretty solid sun crust on solar aspects. 3 photos Thursday January 21st Avalanche Canada, 16 hours ago Forecast Wednesday January 20th Avalanche Canada, 1 day ago Forecast Blowing down 2 days ago Observation Wildly windy at ridge top was the story today. Luckily the wind seemed to mostly be affecting the top 100 or 200 m closest to the ridge and once we were below that elevation, conditions were pretty quiet and ski quality was quite good. 3 photos Tuesday January 19th Avalanche Canada, 2 days ago Forecast Blowdown Peak Hunter bowl 2 days ago Observation Dug to ground in shallow Rockies type inverted snowpack. Slabs comprised mostly the upper 50cm with a concerning 60cm of 2mm facets to ground. 3mm Surface hoar present on open clear sky slopes in bowl. All northerly aspects ran natural with crowns ranging from 0.5 to 3m in depth. 6 photos Needle Pk. Ridge 2 days ago Observation CTH (30) SC 20cm down DF DTN 100cm down FC Steep Creek 3 days ago Observation 36 degree slope. CTM 13 (SP) and CTH 22 (SP) down 83cm on Dec 09 crust/facets. ECTN We also found near surface facets that produced one easy result. The Hurley is delivering 3 days ago Observation Another great day on the Hurley; excellent riding conditions were found. Our inspections of the deep persistent slab problem took us to Lone Goat today. 4 photos Monday January 18th Avalanche Canada, 3 days ago Forecast Three Brothers 3 days ago Observation Below 1700m pole test consistently results in 2-5cm dust, 2cm breakable crust, 10cm fluff, then firm. Crust disappears at about 1800m and by 1900m there is a very nice 30cm of medium density powder in wind sheltered areas. North of Rohr lake 4 days ago Observation At 1930m @ ~25 degree slope angle CT 19 at 60cm planar failure CT 44 at 100cm planar failure Both interfaces seemed to consist of hard packed storm slabs. ECT confirmed both failure points but did not reveal any propagation. 2 photos East Duffey 4 days ago Observation Variable snow conditions, crust up to 1600m. Wind slab seemed well bonded on north and west aspects, but poor quality skiing. Widespread avalanche cycle on steep convex features. We skied east, west ,and southeast slopes between 2000-1700m. 1 photos Coquihalla Skiing 4 days ago Observation Saturday -- hardpack conditions. Many old avys seen from Zupjok summit including some large glide (sz 3?) east of Llama peak, and all slopes west of Zopkios. Sunday -- felt like maybe 3-5cm overnight? N aspect treeline bowls were skiing well, no signs of instability even right off the ridge. That 4 days ago Observation ECTN 27 down 27 CTH 26 SP down 27 below Jan 13 rain crust Crust is 12 cm thick. Also got a CTH 27 SP down 23cm within the crust. Decent 4 days ago Observation Wind affected up high but still soft in places. Dug two compression tests at 1925m, 171 degrees, ~30 degrees slope. From top: 0-3cm F; 3-35cm 4F; 35-130cm 1F (didn't dig deeper but about 1m more snow to ground. 1 photos Deep digging 4 days ago Observation See photo for wind slabs, likely from 24 hrs ago or more. 4 photos Sunday January 17th Avalanche Canada, 4 days ago Forecast Cayoosh 4 days ago Observation Did a quick test profile in the upper snowpack. CTM 12 (SP) x 2, down 10 on Melt-freeze crust. A thin melt-freeze crust surrounded by variable grain types (some facets, some surface hoar) was roughly 10 cm's below the surface. About 50 cm's down is a later of surface hoar. Vantage Ridge 5 days ago Observation CTH25 and CTH26 both down 35 to facets, RP. Performed on NE slope at 1900m at 29.5 deg. 1 photos Chief Pascal East 5 days ago Observation Alpine areas heavily wind affected with poor riding quality. Sheltered trees below 1800m on northerly aspects skied best. Plentiful tree bomb remnants down lower but snow was soft enough to ride through them with ease. Several old crown lines visible on lee slopes. 2 photos Coq Lakes ridge 5 days ago Observation ECTN 21 and CTM 18 (SP) down 17 below crust in DF size 2 Rain crust is 10cm thick, P hard Below the crust is 43 cm of 1F decomposed and fragmented crystals T10 is within the rain crust -2.9 deg Rohr 5 days ago Observation Test Profile @2100m, HS 290cm,NE aspect, 32 deg slope CTN Stability test provided no results; however, only the top 100cm was tested/observed which does not include the PWL Upper pack consisted of well consolidated 1F windslab Shovel burp test displayed planar break dn 20cm and uneven break dn 30cm.… 2 photos Saturday January 16th Avalanche Canada, 5 days ago Forecast Face Mountain 6 days ago Observation Amazing sledding up Face. Mid calf foot pen. We started conservatively and after not seeing anything move progressed to downhill pow turns on 35 deg NE slopes. Avy ally was full of old debris riding in 1 photos Joffre shoulder mellow lines 6 days ago Observation We rode some conservative lines on slopes less than 30deg through the trees and cut blocks off of Joffre shoulder to get a feeling for the current conditions. We were riding in wind affected (lee) snow on the NE aspect, weather was cloudy with sunny breaks, light to moderate winds. Rohr Tree Skiing 6 days ago Observation Snow was quite wind affected at tree line and below. Dense trees had the best snow quality. Saw some sz 1-2 crowns around on alpine slopes, not sure how recent they were. 1 photos Friday January 15th Avalanche Canada, 6 days ago Forecast Casper Creek Sz 3.5 1 week ago Observation Seen from the road. Unable to visualize crown or start zone. Debris 3-4m deep. Likely during cycle evening of Jan/12. 1 photos Flora Peak 1 week ago Observation Heavy rain to at least 2000 meters the day or two before. Heavy wind causing blowdown, debris and extensive power outages up Chilliwack Lake road. Massive trees down uprooted and snapped off. Mountains were plastered above 2000 m. Crust was supportive for skiing. 4 photos Pascal Trees 1 week ago Observation NE facing 25 degree slope at 1920m on NW ridge of Pascal. Key Snowpack Findings: Windpressed top 20cm poorly bonded, clean resistant planar failure, that didn't move (25deg slope angle) but did propagate. 1 photos Nak Peak 1 week ago Observation Did a tour up Nak peak. Conditions were dust on crust until about 1500m - the crust between 1100-1300m was less solid than the one higher up. 1500m+ was soft snow, graupel like - approximately 20cm above crust. Boot pen was about 15cm. 4 photos Thursday January 14th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Joffre Shoulder 1 week ago Observation Avalanche observation by gcrepault, seen near South Coast Inland, reported on Wed 13th Jan, 2021 11:38AM 1 photos Roar Lake Area 1 week ago Observation Ski pen 50-60cm in the trees (lots of tree bombs had wrecked many of the tree zones with a bit of solar exposure). Ski pen 20-40cm in open zones at treeline. Profile 1870m SW facing, 30deg angle. Probed depth 210cm, bottom 10cm had no resistance. 2 photos Rewind 1 week ago Observation -CTN -ECTP27 down 60 on DF -Two 1 mm MFcr at 90 and 120 with a cohesive interface above and below crusts. -Weak teamperature gradient 1 photos Wednesday January 13th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Tuesday January 12th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Britton Creek Trail 1 week ago Observation Hand shear test- moderate, non-planar break down 52 on rounding facets .5 -1mm Several test slopes performed between 1150 and 1400m elev with no results. Tree-bombs and pinwheeling observed in same elev range. Vantage Ridge 1 week ago Observation Touchy storm snow at 15cm and 35cm, found the melt-freeze crust at 145cm. Mount Rohr Day 1 week ago Observation Consolidated except for top 20 windslab 2 photos Monday January 11th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast John says March-April 1 week ago Observation Felt adventurous and tried to get up Channel Ridge. Road was an alder bash and not passable without serious exfoliation from alder... Still needs another 60cm plus of snow to make this a reasonable approach. Sunday January 10th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Rohr area 1 week ago Observation The theme this year seems to be firm wind pressed in the alpine, and that is what we found again. We skied an excellent N facing bowl down to just above Rohr lake. 5 photos Mount Laughington 1 week ago Observation Avalanche observation by Rick Roll, seen near South Coast Inland, reported on Sat 9th Jan, 2021 2:00PM Coq Pow 1 week ago Observation Northwest ridge approach was heavily wind scoured. 10cm windslab breaking off, otherwise minimal ski penetration. Snow quality excellent in protected pockets on east bowl below ridge top. Sz 1-2 on east aspects from last storm cycle, covered with 10-15cm of soft snow. 1 photos Rohr Ridge 1 week ago Observation Gained Rohr ridge from the parking lot right up the Rohr ridge between Southern Comfort and Rocky Horror. We noticed a lot of wind affect at 1800M+, with some minor cracks left from a party ahead on the skin track. 4 photos Large Avalanche North Facing Slope Duke 1 week ago Observation Large avalanche viewed on Duke from Caspar. Looked like a slab avalanche from earlier in the week. Nic’s nak’s pretty whack 1 week ago Observation Powder at upper elevations. Variable crusts up to 5cm thick on the surface or up to 8cm below surface. Icing below some trees on sunny aspects. Splitfest - Bombtram Weekender 1 week ago Observation Clear calm day, with lots of sunshine, we managed to stay in the shade the entire day. Skinned up to the summit of Bombtram and skied two alpine runs before descending into the gully exit. The snowpack was stable across the different aspects we observed. 2 photos Zoa Peak 1 week ago Observation Dug the pit on the SE aspect of Zoa peak Snow depth was 270 cm CT 26 Non-Planar (70 cm) 1 photos Size 3 In the Cheam Range 1 week ago Observation Saw a huge crown on the small peak between Lady and Knight. The crown was very obvious even from our far removed position on the road 9.5km away. It propagated the full way across the face. A look at a map shows this to be about 120m across. 1 photos North Cayoosh. 2.5Na Rock and Roll SW aspect 1 week ago Observation Sz 2.5 natural off SW facing slopes off Rock and Roll ridge dumping into and filling up part of Cayoosh Creek N. Snowpack failed to ground. Didn't check failure plane. 4 photos Rohr Ridge Saturday 9th "Splitfest"-er on Skis 1 week ago Observation Carried out ECT at 1850m on SW aspect at 11am. Found the most recent storm slab at ECTM11, 30cm down, with uneven break and no propagation. Couldn't get anything else to pop. Tried to shovel shear the column and found that deep persistent layer at 165cm. 1 photos Saturday January 9th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Joffre Shoulder 1 week ago Observation Avalanche observation by kipple, seen near South Coast Inland, reported on Fri 8th Jan, 2021 9:40PM Friday January 8th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Thursday January 7th Avalanche Canada, 2 weeks ago Forecast

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