Jasper National Park, Alberta

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Wednesday April 21st Parks Canada, 12 hours ago Forecast Tuesday April 20th Parks Canada, 1 day ago Forecast Monday April 19th Parks Canada, 2 days ago Forecast Sunday April 18th Parks Canada, 3 days ago Forecast Saturday April 17th Parks Canada, 4 days ago Forecast Friday April 16th Parks Canada, 5 days ago Forecast Thursday April 15th Parks Canada, 6 days ago Forecast Wednesday April 14th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Tuesday April 13th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Cornice 1 week ago Observation skier trigger cornice failure 20ft away from edge of cornice. Caused a 10ft deep by 20ft long block to fall and started a size 2 avalanche. Potential for the cornice to sweep or suck more snow than what was hanging over the edge as cracking occurred beyond the edge. NW facing. 1 photos Monday April 12th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast North Burn 1 week ago Observation We felt the burn today! Don't forget sunscreen like we did...The river was crossed easily with muck boots. NW slopes skied excellent. A pit dug at ~2050m was 165cm deep, with 20cm of fist snow atop bomber 100 cm four-finger to pencil snow, and 45cm of facets and depth hoar (2-4mm). CTN x2. Sunday April 11th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Saturday April 10th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Friday April 9th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Thursday April 8th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Thursday April 8th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast

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