Jasper National Park, Alberta

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User submitted observations from the field: trip reports, avalanche sightings and conditions observations.

Base of Opal peak W Face 9 hours ago Observation Mellow day and full profile at Opal hills. There was protected snow in the low angled trees with pockets of thick, fragile wind slabs. Wind slabs were breakable with stomping force and cracking was present (photo). Cold morning that warmed up, no wind and clear skies. 3 photos Friday January 22nd Parks Canada, 17 hours ago Forecast Boundary Glacier 1 day ago Observation Top 20cm hardness Pencil, on 1F middle snowpack well bound CTH dn 20 RP, Elevation 2400m 3 photos Thursday January 21st Parks Canada, 1 day ago Forecast Nigel Creek Slide Paths 1 day ago Observation Hs 150cm at 2300 on sw aspect CTM 12 down 120cm SP on facets Possibly due to solar effect causing denser upper snowpack Churchill Slide Paths 2 days ago Observation 1750m pit: CT test Down 20cm resistant planar 15 taps, Down 40cm resistant planar 18 taps, Down 72cm resistant planar 20 taps, ECT storm layer at 20cm resistant planar, no propagation. Wednesday January 20th Parks Canada, 2 days ago Forecast Destiny Ridge 3 days ago Observation The test failure layers was a 4cm of Melt forms and SH with rounding sharp edges. 2 photos Destiny Basin @Max, 3 days ago Observation Surface hoar is decomposing and produced no remarkable results in 3 test profiles today. 1 photos Tuesday January 19th Parks Canada, 3 days ago Forecast Monday January 18th Parks Canada, 4 days ago Forecast Around the Corner 5 days ago Observation CTH 23 down 45 (RP) Basal facets and depth hoar - layer 45 down was faceted layer ~5cm thick No reaction from storm snow on top on this aspect. 3 photos Sunday January 17th Parks Canada, 5 days ago Forecast Touchy wind slabs 5 days ago Observation Did a lap up bald hills today. The alpine was wind hammered with westerly slopes striped bare and east slopes very wind loaded. We traversed a low angle angle south east facing slope and had the whole slope settled in a big whumpf Lovat Scout Area 6 days ago Observation By mid afternoon cloud cover rolled in and it looked to be the potential conditions for some isolated flurry development. 2 photos Churchill 6 days ago Observation Good skiing in N and S gullies today at Churchill. Temperatures were mild with low winds and full cloud cover for most of the day. Recent avalanche debris in both N and S gullies (see photos) approximately size 2 above S gully and 1.5 in N gully. 4 photos Saturday January 16th Parks Canada, 6 days ago Forecast Friday January 15th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Thursday January 14th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Wednesday January 13th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Hidden Valley 1 week ago Observation Good skiing in the Hidden Valley/ Big Bend shoulder area today. Mild temps and snow with light to moderate westerly winds throughout the day. Fun turns were found in sheltered areas at treeline and below on SE/W/N aspects. Tuesday January 12th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Monday January 11th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Boundary Lake 1 week ago Observation Skied open trees at Boundary Lake today. Weather was warm (-6 when we left the car at 10am) and low winds throughout the day with mix of sun and clouds . Dug a pit at 2200m NW aspect, slope angle 26˚: - HS = 75cm - Layers: - 20cm of recent storm snow on top of crust. 2 photos Nigel Basin - “splitfest” 1 week ago Observation Found the SE facing slope in this area to be a bit more wind protected giving some decent skiing. Soft Wind slab present (1-10cm thick) on a supportive snowpack underneath. No instabilities during skiing or noted around area during uphill travel. 3 photos Sunday January 10th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Saturday January 9th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Lovat Scout “splitfest” 1 week ago Observation HS 128cm. Layers from 128-125 (F) 125-116(4F), 116-99(1F), 99-84(P), 84-70(P), 70-60(P), 60-52(P), 52-45(P), 45-33(P), 33-15 (P), 15-0(P). Persistent deep layers appear to be almost broken down. Dec SH not found within this pit. Two CT’s in pit. 1) CTH25 RP down 28cm and 2) CTH23 RP down 28cm. 6 photos Churchill Slides 2 weeks ago Observation Hey y'all its your friendly neighbourhood MIN reporter Brooke here with your weekly churchill update. HS 175 at treeline. A bit tracked out but still good skiing in the north and south paths. No signs of instability or evidence of natural avalanche activity in surrounding area. 2 photos Friday January 8th Parks Canada, 2 weeks ago Forecast

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