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Several Na Persistent slab- 2150m, NE 14 hours ago Observation Observed from highway. Suspect triggered by small Nc. Unsure what layer the avalanches failed on but the crowns look to be ~70cm deep. Photo attached- apologies I have an older Iphone. 1 photos Mosquito Creek - Couloir Avalanche 16 hours ago Observation We headed up the couloir across from the Mosquito Creek parking. On the descent, I made about 5 turns from the top of the couloir and tucked over to the side to video the second skier in what I thought was a safe location. Tuesday January 18th Parks Canada, 17 hours ago Forecast Mt Dennis avalanche control 17 hours ago Observation Avalanche control on Mt Dennis to clean up a few leftover areas that threaten the road (near the ice climbs). We hit the road for a second time this week with a skinny finger that is entirely below treeline. Very similar feature to Guiness Gully and just to its east. Super Bock and Home Brew 17 hours ago Observation CP Rail did explosive control above the tracks on the ice climbs Home Brew and Super Bock. Both produced large avalanches (at least size 3) that ran to the tracks with dust to the river. 1 photos Stanley Headwall - Touchy Snow Conditions 22 hours ago Observation My partner and I climbed Nightmare on Wolfstreet on the Stanley Headwall yesterday Monday January 18th, 2022. On the approach of the bench below the headwall we had slab avalanche of new snow go (see photo). The traverse felt quite delicate as the slope was clearly loaded (red flag #1). 2 photos Narao glades 1 day ago Observation Good refresh at Narao today. HS 160 at 2150m northern aspect. December 2 crust down 90cm with 2 to 3mm facets on top and below the crusty bit. CTM11 NP down 30cms in slightly wind affected layer. CTH21 NP just below the dec 2 crust in the facets. FP 40 in sheltered areas at TL. Monday January 17th Parks Canada, 1 day ago Forecast Sunday January 16th Parks Canada, 2 days ago Forecast Pipestone Bowl Test Profile 2 days ago Observation Avalanche observation by, seen near Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park, reported on Sun 16th Jan, 2022 3:00PM 1 photos Wolverine Ridge 3 days ago Observation Avalanche observation by pcraig, seen near Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park, reported on Sat 15th Jan, 2022 9:00AM 3 photos Chickadee Valley - Better than expected 3 days ago Observation Condition were better then expected. Skied one of the chickadee paths. There was some soft debris in the upper section of the path. Snow was very settled but consistent with minimal wind effect to 2300m (treeline). 1 photos Grand Daddy Couloir 3 days ago Observation After transitioning to bootpacking and going up 10m in the Grand Daddy Couloir, a sluff avalanche fell from the right wall. One skier managed to dodge the avalanche by taking cover over the pillar. The other skier got caught in the avalanche and got dragged to the bottom of the runway. 1 photos Paget Paths 3 days ago Observation Parking lot is not plowed….. Cloudy blustery day up at Sherbrooke, high level winds out of the West, surface winds out of the South, high, gusting to extreme cross loading the paths. Saturday January 15th Parks Canada, 3 days ago Forecast Dolomite shoulder 3 days ago Observation Quick pit for some layer ID and testing Surface hoar up to 2cms in open areas in BTL and TL on most aspects and elevations we observed, on our short venture up to the edge of the alpine it looked like the wind had knocked down any surface hoar development. 1 photos Previous large avalanche on early December layer 4 days ago Observation We were up in Simpson Bowl today for the first day of an AST2 course. Due to last season's closure for a denning grizzly, it had been two years since I was last up there. Friday January 14th Parks Canada, 4 days ago Forecast Grand daddy stair master 4 days ago Observation -13.5 @ the car park at 8am. -4 about half way up at noon. Firm snow but not terrible skiing by any means at TL and above. (Better BTL) Hard to moderate hand shears at 10cm and 30cm down. 1F ,1F+. Loose dry up to 1.5 in the last 24h. Cornice chunks mixed with debris from extreme terrain. 1 photos Skier accidental avalanche - White Rabbit area 5 days ago Observation Skier accidentally triggered a slab avalanche size 2-2.5 in the backcountry adjacent to the Lake Louise ski area, resulting in a partial burial with injuries. The slab appears to have failed 30-50 cm down, was about 120 m wide and ran about 200 m. 2 photos Louise Falls: Lead climber hit by sluff avalanche 5 days ago Observation Loose dry avalanche started above 3rd pitch (pillar pitch). Loose dry avalanche ran over pillar/curtains. Hit climber as he was leading the 2nd pitch below. Lead climber had a secure stance was not pull off the ice. Fairview avalanche 5 days ago Observation Saw a natural avalanche on the N side of Fairview above Rockfall Wall running down to the lake. Unknown trigger, possibly storm snow sluffing off the steep cliffs above, warming due to dark rocks, or rockfall. 2 photos Thursday January 13th Parks Canada, 5 days ago Forecast Observation Glades test profile 5 days ago Observation Found 125cm in an open glade amoungst the last significant trees on the rib above our snow study plot. Overall a weak and well-faceted snowpack with only the snow from before the middle of November providing any real strength. 1 photos Avalanche Control on Mt Stephen - Friday, January 14, 2022 5 days ago Observation AVALANCHE CONTROL is also planned for Mt Stephen in Yoho National Park on Friday, January 14th, 2022: No climbing, or other activities in this area tomorrow. Click the link below for maps of the closed areas: 1 photos Avalanche Control on Mt Dennis - Friday, January 14, 2022 5 days ago Observation AVALANCHE CONTROL has been rescheduled for Mt Dennis in Yoho National Park on Friday, January 14th, 2022: No climbing, or other activities in this area tomorrow. Click the link below for maps of the closed areas: 1 photos Bow Summit 6 days ago Observation Skied 4 laps in the various tree chutes. First lap we ventured in to more open trees at tree line and found ski quality to be terrible. The next three laps we skied the lower short slide paths about 1km south of the parking lot. Ski quality was top notch, with no signs of instability. Floe avalanche 6 days ago Observation Remote trigger on east facing floe path on December 2 crust/facet combo. Significant propagation through burnt trees into adjacent gullies. Poor visibility so extent of propagation unclear but at least 3 gullies went. 5 photos Wednesday January 12th Parks Canada, 6 days ago Forecast Bow Summit AST2 1 week ago Observation We mostly stayed below treeline for the majority of the day doing beacon practice. The wind was consistently moderate/strong SW/W throughout the day at TR/BLT with 1cm/hr snow accumulating and lots of cloud coverage. Tuesday January 11th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Jimmy Slide Paths 1 week ago Observation Good snow found in roadside slide paths. Two avalanches observed across the valley in the area of Observation Sub Peak as well as two small avalanches above the slide paths, both off the steep cliffy bench in the alpine. Debris didn't trigger anything on slopes below. Monday January 10th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Monday January 10th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Nareo Shoulder 1 week ago Observation Tried to go to Paget glades but parking lot wasn't plowed. Nareo has a lot of tracks and would reccomend waiting for new snow, but skied well were it was untracked. The up track was quite sporty. Suprise pass 1 week ago Observation Air temp -8 Snow pack depth on average: 1400cm 60cm below the surface facets with temp -12 Directly above the facets snow temo -15 Multiple tests attempted: None reactive 1 photos First outing in warmer 2022 weather 1 week ago Observation The occasional gust did knock snow off of the trees 1 photos Pulpit 1 1 week ago Observation Excellent ski quality. No evidence of instability, sloughing, cracking, wind slab or whumpfing. Avoided the open areas and steep committing chutes. Sunday January 9th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Avalanche Control - Mt Whymper and Simpson Area 1 week ago Observation Parks Canada will be doing avalanche control on Mt Whymper and in the Simpson Area on Monday, January 10th, 2022. The Mt Whymper and Simpson Area Intermittent Closure Zones will be CLOSED on Monday. No climbing, skiing or other activities in these areas. Panorama East Ridge 1 week ago Observation Skied the S aspect of Panorama East Ridge. Good ski quality with approx. 30 cm of fresh low density snow. Ski pen 30-40 cm, HS 175 cm at 2280m. Wind effect began at treeline but the snow was good everywhere below treeline. Mostly cloudy, light winds in the area, average of -15c. 1 photos Narao glades 1 week ago Observation Avalanche observation by mjoiner789, seen near Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park, reported on Sat 8th Jan, 2022 8:00AM 3 photos Saturday January 8th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Avalanche Control on Mt Bosworth and Mt Stephen - January 9, 2022 1 week ago Observation Parks Canada will be doing avalanche control on Mt Stephen and Mt Bosworth on Sunday, January 9, 2022. The Mount Stephen and Mt Bosworth Closure Zones are in effect on Sunday. No climbing, skiing or other activities in these areas. 1 photos Narao area 1 week ago Observation Sloughing in steep areas HS at top 90cm Friday January 7th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Guiness Gully facets to ground 1 week ago Observation Facets to ground on the slope below the last pitch of Guiness. Sizeable sluffs whenever the wind disturbed the trees. 1 photos Narao Glades - Neighborhood Dads 1 week ago Observation Dug a pit at 2,000 meters skiing the Narao Glades. Found the December 2nd crust at 75cm depth in total snow depth of 110cm. Performed ECT and found failure after 25 taps along facets above December 2nd crust. No significant result. Narao Trees 1 week ago Observation Exploratory trip around Narao trees today. New snow overnight made for great turns, did a small poke into the alpine and could feel wind slabs under the new snow. Sheltered areas are your friends. Surprise Pass 1 week ago Observation Another cold day with light snow for most of the afternoon. Estimate 3-5cm of new snow this afternoon with light winds. Thursday January 6th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Helen Shoulder - Trees 1 week ago Observation Stayed in low angle terrain and stopped just before getting out of treeline. Avalanche condition were stable in the trees did not venture out of treeline Wednesday January 5th Parks Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Serac snow profile 1 week ago Observation Test profile from 1800 m on Serac Creek, east aspect near the typical uptrack. 1 photos Tuesday January 4th Parks Canada, 2 weeks ago Forecast

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