Spearhead, South Coast

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Tuesday November 29th Avalanche Canada, 8 hours ago Forecast Last 3 days touring off Blackcomb 23 hours ago Observation Snow depth is marginal. 80cm- 150cm. Shooting Gallery off Disease Ridge skis ok with care in the tress below the exposed ridge. Decker Creek/Meadows is very thin. Boulder tops are everywhere. The pass at the head of Decker Creek is mostly rock and hard ice but workable without taking skis off. Monday November 28th Avalanche Canada, 1 day ago Forecast Sunday November 27th Avalanche Canada, 2 days ago Forecast Blackcomb Horstman Glacier 2 days ago Observation Avalanche observation by Rasmus Bergström, seen near Spearhead, reported on Sat 26th Nov, 2022 12:00PM 4 photos Saturday November 26th Avalanche Canada, 3 days ago Forecast Snowpack and Ski Quality Info 3 days ago Observation I was guiding for Canada West Mountain School today off Blackcomb. The ski area boundary (on the upper E side of Blackcomb \)was above the Alpine Service Building/Rendezvous and Avy closures above 7th Avenue. We crossed it and took 7th Ave to Cloud Nine and out. Did 2 laps. Blackcomb 4 days ago Observation Compression test: Messuring zone: 85cm deep 10 wrist taps no fracture 5 elbow taps fracture Wind affected slab, fracture occurred 15cm deep from surface. Kept on doing deep compression test with no new fractures, felt like the remaining snow 70 ish cm was a compact mass, very high density. 3 photos

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