South Rockies, Alberta

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Friday January 22nd Avalanche Canada, 16 hours ago Forecast Wind AFFECTED in York! 1 day ago Observation The wind really hammered the York bowl last week. SW facing alpine slopes were stripped bare and where there was snow it was hard slab and sastrugi. Even at the tree line hard slab was present. Below 1800 meters the rain crust that formed after last week's storm is varied in thickness. 3 photos Thursday January 21st Avalanche Canada, 1 day ago Forecast Sun in Elkford 2 days ago Observation We checked for the persistent weak layer in a shallow rocky area and found that the Dec. melt-freeze crust was not at this specific location although suspect it is in the area and that it is gaining strength. We had no results in our profile ECTX and CTN 3 photos Wednesday January 20th Avalanche Canada, 2 days ago Forecast Tuesday January 19th Avalanche Canada, 3 days ago Forecast Elk Valley Exploring 4 days ago Observation Test Pit, 2300m, S facing, 30 deg, HS 155 ETCX DTM 16 (BK) dn 110 under Dec 8 crust in facets See last photo for profile details 5 photos Monday January 18th Avalanche Canada, 4 days ago Forecast AST Crowsnest Pass 5 days ago Observation The precipitation from early in the week followed by below freezing temps has created a melt-freeze crust on the surface up to 1800m. In Window mountain bowl the SW facing slopes in the alpine was stripped bare and where there was snow it was hard and wind pressed. 1 photos Sunday January 17th Avalanche Canada, 5 days ago Forecast Saturday January 16th Avalanche Canada, 6 days ago Forecast South Rockies west slope 1 week ago Observation Greetings from the west slope of the south Rockies. Went looking for an allusive stash of deep pow. Instead, found uniformly dense snow on sheltered NE thru SW aspects. 2 photos Friday January 15th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Thursday January 14th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Wednesday January 13th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast AST 2 Smith Basin 1 week ago Observation Avalanche observation by info, seen near South Rockies, reported on Wed 13th Jan, 2021 9:00AM 3 photos A soggy cruise into Alexander 1 week ago Observation The storm started to pick up throughout the day at Alexander Creek with about 5 cm of heavy snow by the afternoon. 2 photos Tuesday January 12th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Castle Park Skiing 1 week ago Observation We spent the day in the Castle area; a place we don’t get too often near Castle Mountain Resort. We toured up through a sheltered treed ridge to avoid the wind, and dug a profile to find the snowpack consolidated and strong around the persistent weak layers. 2 photos Monday January 11th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Sunday January 10th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Saturday January 9th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast AST 1 Crowsnest 2 weeks ago Observation Cold temperatures in the morning -13 at the staging area but warmed up quickly. There was surface hoar in the valley bottom but less obvious at higher elevations. There were no shooting cracks or whumpfing as we toured up. 1 photos Sunny, powder, and no recent avalanches 2 weeks ago Observation Great conditions for exploring the Koko Claims area near Elkford thanks to sunny skies and easy sled travel. After being spooked by big avalanches in the Lizard Range yesterday we were surprised to see no recent slab avalanches (and we could see lots of big terrain). 4 photos Friday January 8th Avalanche Canada, 2 weeks ago Forecast

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