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User submitted observations from the field: trip reports, avalanche sightings and conditions observations.

Tuesday November 29th Avalanche Canada, 8 hours ago Forecast Red Mountain cabin 1 day ago Observation I just got back from 5 days at the Red Mountain cabin in Penny, BC. Thursday, November 24th saw freezing levels up to about 1500m and extreme southerly winds at ridgetop. The trail up to the cabin had enough snow to use skis the whole way. Over the next 3 days we received 75cm of snow at the cabin. 2 photos Monday November 28th Avalanche Canada, 1 day ago Forecast Almost Im-passable 1 day ago Observation Braved the Pass FSR today to go skiing up the Farm area. Storm in past couple days dropped about 40-50cm on the road. Skin up was slow going, fairly thin snowpack down below ~1200m made for decent amount of route finding. 5 photos Sunday November 27th Avalanche Canada, 2 days ago Forecast Saturday November 26th Avalanche Canada, 3 days ago Forecast Pretty good now above 1500m 5 days ago Observation The last storm, (November 21-22), added about 50 cm to the snowpack above 1500m bring it up to 100-120cm in sheltered locations. Snowpack depth above treeline extremely variable due to previous re-distribution by high winds. 1 photos Upper Torpy 1 week ago Observation 30cm-70cm total snow, which decreases markedly below 1500m. Variable snow surfaces at treeline and above with the best riding in the trees. Surface hoar growth was observed below treeline but seemed to be confined to an elevation band between 1200m-1500m on northerly aspects.

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