Kootenay Boundary, British Columbia

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Tuesday April 20th Avalanche Canada, 22 hours ago Forecast Monday April 19th Avalanche Canada, 1 day ago Forecast Sunday April 18th Avalanche Canada, 2 days ago Forecast Saturday April 17th Avalanche Canada, 3 days ago Forecast Friday April 16th Avalanche Canada, 4 days ago Forecast Thursday April 15th Avalanche Canada, 5 days ago Forecast Wednesday April 14th Avalanche Canada, 6 days ago Forecast Tuesday April 13th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Monday April 12th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Northside Buzz Ridge 1 week ago Observation Avalanche trigged by skier, windslab broke loose on convex roll and slid down in bowl and ripped the bowl 30cm deep by 100m wide and ran about 800m. No one was involved in avalanche. 2 photos Sunday April 11th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Smokers Bowl Triggered Avalanche 1 week ago Observation North-east aspect sz ~1-1.5 started near the peak of Smokers Bowl by a rider in our group. There was significant wind blown snow at the top of the bowl which appears to have released on a sun crust. We believe the top is ~40deg based on our slope meter. 3 photos Saturday April 10th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Friday April 9th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Thursday April 8th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Wednesday April 7th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Tuesday April 6th Avalanche Canada, 2 weeks ago Forecast

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