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Paul's Glades 10 hours ago Observation Avalanche observation by Chad Gibbons, seen near Kootenay Boundary, reported on Fri 22nd Jan, 2021 11:00AM 6 photos Friday January 22nd Avalanche Canada, 18 hours ago Forecast Thursday January 21st Avalanche Canada, 1 day ago Forecast Wednesday January 20th Avalanche Canada, 2 days ago Forecast Tuesday January 19th Avalanche Canada, 3 days ago Forecast White Queen NE 4 days ago Observation Rode NE aspect shoulder into 5 mile creek near White Queen today. 8cm blower on top of supportive crust made for surprisingly fun splitboard conditions. Snow quality deteriorates rapidly below 1850m. Noticed one Sz 2 Na in North Ymir bowl on the skin back out, looked to be a day old. Monday January 18th Avalanche Canada, 4 days ago Forecast Baldy & Cornice Ridge 4 days ago Observation Moderate RP hand shear result down 20 on SH (2-3) laying down flat under pencil minus windslab half way up Baldy. 1 photos Whitewater 4 days ago Observation We dug 2 pits on the way to west Ymir, decided to ride more mellow terrain . CT10 down 40 second pit CT20 down 50. ECTX- no results. Seems to be lots of spooky layers still on the N aspect we were digging and depth of snow was 265cm! Baldy backcountry 5 days ago Observation 3cm of fresh on top of a 2 cm rain crust Another thin crust 13cm down. 2 photos Back of Gem 5 days ago Observation Dug a pit facing NNE on a 28 degree slop. CTM14 result was crumbling of the recent storm snow/rain crust about 10 down. CTH showed no results at 30. However with excessive force (just for good measure) we did see a failure on a suspected surface hoar layer 60 down. 2 photos Surface Hoar near Whitewater 5 days ago Observation Compression Test Moderate (11 taps) with Sudden Collapse fracture character. Extended Column Test Moderate (11 taps), propagated whole block. Tests failed on the Jan 11 surface hoar, 40cm below the surface. The buried surface hoar was large, 8-15mm. 1 photos Sunday January 17th Avalanche Canada, 5 days ago Forecast Hummingbird Peak, South Aspect 6 days ago Observation AST 2 Course -7C, sunny, calm, surface condition: SH up to 10mm Multiple test pits on south aspect of Hummingbird Peak, 20 degree slope: ECTP25 down 40 on SH ~3-6mm (block was resistant to slide) ECTN24 down 40 ECTN20 down 40 CTM15 down 40 CTH21 down 40 DTN (testing for Dec 7 crust down 160cm) 4 photos Mt.Crowe Tour 6 days ago Observation The 2-3cm crust near surface with V(2-5mm) all aspects and elevation, if buried tonight with forecasted snowfall, will be a layer of concern when addition load. The first storm potentially coming tonight had no winds. Ryansheshredsast1 6 days ago Observation CTE-9 sudden pop on wind crust 15cm below surface and again at CTM-6 both sudden pops were observed we also observed an easy failure at 25cm on a rutsch block test when sled was parked on top LADYBIRD - Julie-Ann she shreds Ast 1 6 days ago Observation In our rutschblock test with a snowmobile on top, we got a reactive layer on the top 25cm wind slab. SE aspect 1850 M 30 degree slope. In our extended column tests on SE aspect at 1800M we got a CTE7 on the wind slab, and a CTM6 both were sudden pops/drops on a 25 degree slope. 4 photos Patrick, She Shreds AST1 6 days ago Observation In our rutsch block test, with a snowmobile on top, we got an easy result on the top 25cm wind slab In our extended colum tests, we got a cte 7 on the wind slab, and a ctm 6 both were sudden pops/drops Our third layer of concern, the persistent weak layer that was down 125cm, was un reactive Saturday January 16th Avalanche Canada, 6 days ago Forecast Nov 5 MFcr 1 week ago Observation Observed two size 3 Na. Approximately 72hrs old. The one in the photo occurred on the Nov. 5 crust on a west aspect at 2400m We could see the start zone for the other size 3. Evidence of a natural cycle on various aspects mainly size 2-2.5 wind slabs. 2 photos Friday January 15th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Ripple Ridge 1 week ago Observation Sky was clear in the am with high clouds moving in in the pm from West. Melting and dripping noted in trees but surface snow stayed dry. Wind was calm all day, nil precip, no blowing snow observed. Multiple slab avalanches of varying ages observed up to sz 2, seen mostly on E faces in alp and TL. Big White Backcountry 1 week ago Observation Dug a pit and tested 2 columns on a North aspect ridge top at 2090m. Snow depth was 125. 1st result: CT-20, sudden planar on a MF crust 75cm down. 2nd result: CT-17, sudden compression on the MF crust 75 cm down. At this location the melt freeze crust was less than 1/2 thick and easy to penetrate. 4 photos Thursday January 14th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Cautiously climbed Crusty Crowe 1 week ago Observation 1 cm thick crust on top of looser thicker snow. Wednesday January 13th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Huckleberry hut 1 week ago Observation Several natural avalanches have released through the night or in the morning. Almost all slide paths or gullies we have crossed on the way out of the hut had gone to size 2 - 3 and ran to 1500m . Record Ridge 1 week ago Observation Record Ridge avalanche observed from Rossland (about 6km). Large crown visible in the area known as the Field Of Dreams. Suspect size 3 based on the fracture and the width (estimate close to a km). Guessing that it slid on the Dec 08/13 crust complex during the end of the storm cycle overnight. 1 photos Getting sporty 1 week ago Observation Storm snow on polar aspects seemed relatively stable in the am, in the afternoon with the additional load and a little warming the south became reactive. Ski cut a size 1 on a small convexity only 27 or 28 degrees, 1850 meters. Tuesday January 12th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Kootenay Pass 1 week ago Observation Two compression tests with no results and one extended column test with no results. Persistent weak layer was down about 90 cementers. Overall looks to be a fairly uniform pack. Pit was dug at 1850 meters south aspect. Depth of snow was around 175cms. Wolf Peak/Camel Hump Area, ECT Results 1 week ago Observation AST2 course did four extended column tests in TL elevations on SE, E and N aspects and 1 deep tap test. ECTX ECTN17 down 30cm ECTX ECTX DTN over Dec 8th/13th crust complex down 155cm. 3 photos Monday January 11th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Mt Beatie 1 week ago Observation Rode mt beatie, great snow, stayed conservative , rode mellow slopes and in the trees , snow felt stable and safe and deep Selous Pass 1 week ago Observation We found new large surface hoar at 2080m east aspect. Sitting on a sun crust in some areas. Evidence of warming on trees with crusty tree bombs to dodge. 3 photos Sunday January 10th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Kootpass 1 week ago Observation Facets under dec.8 layer in a healing trend. No results produced during extended column testing. Latest 80cms of storm snow is settling and bonding well. No signs of instabilities on lower angle terrain. 1 photos SPLITFEST-sheshredsAST1Lauren 1 week ago Observation On our extended column test, we had moderate results on the storm slab that was down about 35cm. We had easy test results on the persistent weak layer that is down 100cm in our extended column test. On our reusche block test, we had no results with a sled on top. 1 photos SPLITFEST-sheshredsAST 1 Faith 1 week ago Observation On our extended column test we had moderate results on the storm slab that was down approx 35 cm and easy test results on the persistent weak lay that was down 100 cm in our extended column test. On our Reusche block test we had zero results with a sled on top. 3 photos Lepso 1 week ago Observation ECTH26 SP - down 55cm CTH26 SP - down 75cm Pit was dug on 38 degree slope. Some wind affected snow on top. No signs of instability when skiing. 2 photos Neptune ESE Face, ECT 1 week ago Observation AST2 group did three extended column tests. ECTP16 (SP) down 90 on facets and surface hoar size 6-7, 1cm above Dec 8th melt/freeze crust ECTP18 (SP) down 90 ECTP13 (SP) down 90 Keith's Wrap 10/10 1 photos SPLIT FEST- She Shreds AST1 Jenny Wiebe 1 week ago Observation Extended Column test. We had moderate results on the storm slab that was down about 35cm We had easy results in the present layer that was down 100cm in our extended column test. Reusche block test we had no results with a snowmobile on top All tests were done between 20-30 degree slope. 1 photos SPLITFEST-SheshredsAST1Lexis 1 week ago Observation On our extended collumn test we had moderate results on the storm slab about 30 cm. We had easy results on the persistent weak layer that is down 100cms in our extended collumn test. Reusche block test we has no results with a sled on top. Long time reader first time writer 1 week ago Observation Skinned up Mt. Crowe on an overcast but bright day. Snow was sugary in a lot of locations, not quite heavy but not light either. Noticed icicles on trees up to 1900m. Summit was wind crust with wind lips (photos 1 & 3). Photo 2 is at 1670m Could see fog at around 1950m. 3 photos Saturday January 9th Avalanche Canada, 1 week ago Forecast Baldy Blower 1 week ago Observation Weather obs taken at 11:24. Located at 2140m on W aspect. Light snowfall (>1cm/hr) observed. Some graupel observed earlier in day. Light winds blowing W/SW at time Heavy overcast with clouds moving down throughout day. Cloud level below 2140 by time of obs 2 photos Mt Mackie Avalanche 2 weeks ago Observation Sledder reported an avalanche on the East slide path of Mt Mackie. Apparently it went full path to ground. Resulting in a size 2.5 or 3. Probably stepped down on the early Dec SH/crust complex and then into the facets below. The Burn 2 weeks ago Observation Skied the Burn - heading to our destination there were strong east winds blowing over ridge top, down into 5 Mile Creek. Noticeable wind affect in open treeline and alpine features. We experienced a wind slab that moved on a mellow slope (27 degrees) as shown in the photos that was skier triggered. 2 photos Friday January 8th Avalanche Canada, 2 weeks ago Forecast

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