Jordan, Monashees

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Tuesday November 29th Avalanche Canada, 6 hours ago Forecast Monday November 28th Avalanche Canada, 1 day ago Forecast Snow much fun Frisby ridge @forecaster, 1 day ago Observation Dug on an unmodified open slope with a few very small trees. Deep area due to being in the Lee of prevailing wind. Variable snow depth averaging 140cm 4 photos Leg Day @ the Gorge 1 day ago Observation Good first day out! Leg burner with some heavy snow at the top, needs more coverage closer to the bottom, but looking good as it was snowing hard in the afternoon. 2 photos Sunday November 27th Avalanche Canada, 2 days ago Forecast Flat light and flat pow on Frisby @forecaster, 2 days ago Observation We rode up frisby today in search of fresh tracks. Still pretty shallow around the cabin with roughly a meter of snow on the ground and lots of hidden rocks and stumps. We dug a profile at treeline and found the November 21st crust down 40cm with no alarming results in snowpack tests. 3 photos Saturday November 26th Avalanche Canada, 3 days ago Forecast Just because you can doesn’t mean you should 4 days ago Observation Went for a conditions check out to The Gorge after it appeared the last storm favoured the Monashees. Still pretty thin out there, average depth 80-100 cms. There is 20-30 cms of fresh storm snow sitting on top of the Nov 21 Surface Hoar layer, which sits above a mostly faceted snowpack. 1 photos Frisby nov 22 6 days ago Observation Shooting cracks on every aspect every kind of slope, some >1 size new storm slabs broke 2 photos Ahead of the storm @ Boulder 1 week ago Observation Got up to about 2100 m, where we found a surprisingly supportive 70 to 120 cm of snow on the ground. Trophy surface hoar (1 to 1.5 cm!) is standing vertically just below a skiff of new snow, which makes us a bit concerned for the future. 2 photos Boulder Boogie @forecaster, 1 week ago Observation Rode up to boulder cabin on a beautiful sunny day. Roughly a meter of snow at the cabin made for decent early season riding conditions. Still lots of open creeks and hidden hazards so we kept things pretty chill. We observed large surface hoar on the snow surface and a faceted upper snowpack. 2 photos

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