Pulpit 4

Little Yoho

SH123 , Friday 16th February, 2024 6:10PM

Overall good skiing today at Pulpit 4 (given the season) with the most hazardous part being the river crossing. 10-15cm of fist over a 5cm pencil crust in most areas, with the crust becoming more breakable around 2100m in shaded areas. The best skiing today was above 2100m with sluff flowing on the crust in steeper terrain. Calm winds and lots of sun input today heated up the surface and a 2cm crust formed as temperatures dropped again. We could see lots of hot rocks on the east side of the valley starting to release loose sz 1 avalanches in steep west facing terrain.
15cm fist over 2cm pencil crust at 2400m. Uneven results with hand sheer tests throughout the day. 2cm crust forming at surface with cooling temperatures on sun effected slopes.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN