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We're in this together

Gone are the days where an avalanche forecast was the only source of backcountry information. Anyone who ventures out has vital knowledge to share.

In age where everything is (over)shared on social media, that information is often lost in the noise. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have a big audience, but posting a trip report and expecting it to reach everyone is like pissing into the wind.

"Groups" are an improvement on this, in that they are more focused and searchable(ish). But they still suffer from the fact that social media platforms have their own agenda - they show you content based on what advertisers want you to see.

Avalog is an open platform that makes sharing backcountry information easier. By building a community and creating discussions around professional avalanche forecasts, backcountry adventurers can access up-to-date information, helping them make smarter decisions.

Avalog cuts out the middle man, and removes the disconnect between avalanche forecasts and the discussion around them. Content is listed in reverse chronogoical order, because that's the most useful. No advertising algorithm bullshit.

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