Avalanche Forecast

Issued: Jan 31st, 2024 4:00PM

The alpine rating is moderate, the treeline rating is moderate, and the below treeline rating is moderate. Known problems include Wet Slabs and Loose Wet.

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We should see a gradual decrease in avalanche danger as cooling temperatures help to stabilize the snowpack.




Avalanche Summary

The avalanche cycle observed on the weekend and earlier in the week with the warming event has tapered. There is no new avalanche activity to report.

Snowpack Summary

Rain has created a moist or wet upper snowpack at all elevations. A weak surface crust may have formed overnight but will break down quickly throughout the day.

There is a layer of sugary facets that are buried 30-50 cm deep and in some places sits on a crust.

The middle and lower snowpack contains a series of crusts and faceted snow. It is likely moist to ground. Expect snow depth at treeline to be 70 to 120 cm.

Weather Summary

Wednesday Night

Cloudy with clear periods. Alpine wind southwest 20 to 50 km/h. Treeline temperature 3 °C, freezing level 2800 m.


Sunny with cloudy periods. Alpine wind southwest 10 to 40 km/h. Treeline temperature 4 °C, freezing level 2500 m.


Mainly cloudy. Alpine wind southwest 10-20 km/h. Treeline temperature 0 °C, freezing level 1800 m.


Mainly cloudy with scattered flurries. Alpine wind northeast 20-40 km/h. Treeline temperature -1 °C, freezing level 1500 m.

More details can be found in the Mountain Weather Forecast.

Terrain and Travel Advice

  • Keep in mind that wet avalanches can be destructive due to their high density.
  • Pay attention to cornices and give them a wide berth when traveling on or below ridges.


Wet Slabs

An icon showing Wet Slabs

Wet slab avalanches could fail on or step down to buried weak layers in the mid and lower snowpack resulting in large avalanches.

Aspects: All aspects.

Elevations: All elevations.


Unlikely - Possible

Expected Size

1 - 2

Loose Wet

An icon showing Loose Wet

As the warm temperatures continue, wet loose avalanches are still possible from steep terrain.

Aspects: All aspects.

Elevations: All elevations.


Unlikely - Possible

Expected Size

1 - 2

Valid until: Feb 1st, 2024 4:00PM