Avalanche Forecast

Issued: Jan 19th, 2024 4:00PM

The alpine rating is considerable, the treeline rating is moderate, and the below treeline rating is low. Known problems include Wind Slabs.

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New snow and strong winds will increase the avalanche hazard in the alpine and exposed treeline. Wind slabs avalanches are happening in your region.




Avalanche Summary

On Thursday, numerous reports of natural wind slab avalanche were reported up to size 2.

We expect, with the currently forecasted snow and wind that there will be natural avalanches occurring Saturday and Sunday.

Snowpack Summary

We expect up to 20 cm of new snow by the end of day Saturday. The moderate- strong winds and new snow will continue building new wind slabs over previous faceted wind slabs or previous hard faceted surfaces.

In sheltered areas treeline and below a layer of surface hoar can be found down 30 cm and the December crust is decomposing down 60 cm.

The rest of the snowpack is well settled.

Weather Summary

Friday Night

Cloudy, up to 10 cm of new snow, southwest alpine wind up to 40 km/h, treeline temperature -8 °C.


Cloudy, up to 8 cm of new snow, southwest alpine wind up to 50 km/h, treeline temperature -5 °C with pockets of warm air aloft forming overnight.


Cloudy, up to 5 cm during the day, southwest alpine wind up to 30 km/h, treeline temperature -5 °C.


Cloudy, trace of snow overnight and a trace throughout the day, southwest alpine wind up to 40 km/h, treeline temperature -5°C.

More details can be found in the Mountain Weather Forecast.

Terrain and Travel Advice

  • Seek out wind sheltered terrain below treeline where you can avoid wind slabs and find great riding.
  • Keep your guard up at lower elevations. Wind slab formation has been extensive.
  • Recent wind has varied in direction so watch for wind slabs on all aspects.


Wind Slabs

An icon showing Wind Slabs

New wind slabs will be forming over a previously wind-affected snowpack. In scoured areas these new wind slabs will be forming over hard faceted surfaces which may enhance avalanche reactivity.

Aspects: All aspects.

Elevations: Alpine, Treeline.



Expected Size

1 - 2

Valid until: Jan 20th, 2024 4:00PM