North Ghost


Will Gadd , Thursday 21st March, 2024 5:30PM

It ain't over yet! 10 to 15cm of light snow in the North Ghost today, driving is generally OK to Valley of the Birds, but very deep ruts, easy to high centre in a Tacoma on 33s with a two inch lift. Had to winch once, short dig once, ruts drifting in as we left at 15:00. VOTB entrance ice in good shape, but above that had a small stream, which the new snow was hiding, everybody had a wet foot or two. Yellow Bird in good shape with a little sun effect, Albatross OK but also sun baked, a strong party that went up to the Eagle did not do it, they reported that it looked "delaminated , baked and bad." GBU looked better than expected, still OK on the right? Nobody else in the North Ghost today that we saw. Some newer and good sized cornices at ridgetop on north and east facing slopes, plus cross/reverse loading with the upslope easterlies. Ridgetop winds looked north at light to moderate today in the short glimpse we had.. May be some "odd/unexpected" slabs in places due to the sub-ridgetop upslope east winds during the storm and now the return of the westerlies to redistribute the storm's new snow.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN