Banff Yoho Kootenay

JeffMcK , Friday 15th March, 2024 8:50AM

With early timing and efficient travel we moved relatively quickly through the waterfall section keeping skis on the entire time (with ski crampons). We made it through before any sun was touching the slopes below Andromache. Higher above the waterfall section we saw evidence from the previous Avy cycle, likely on the weekend (more on this in the Avy tab). Probing on glacier ranged from 140-270cm lower down. Higher on the glacier to the Col there was deep, soft, dry unconsolidated powder on top of consolidating powder that was bonding very well. We didn’t attempt the summit block as the wind at the Col was moderate-strong with constant wind transport on the summit block. Also it’s full on rock climbing at this point. Overall the skiing was great, albeit there were some rocks and wind affected snow in small pockets more skiers right within the second “pitch”.
Sun crust in the drainage. Powder on the glacier. Isolated whumpfing and cracking in flat, shallow, rocky areas in the moraines. Dug a test pit on a slope we crossed different from what the normal route appears to be through the moraines. 2535m, NE aspect, HS was 140, test result was CTM17 Sudden Collapse down 75cm on facets. 0-15 fist 15-30 1 finger 30-75 progressive from pencil to knife 75-78 4 fingers (facets) 78-120 pencil/knife Measurements are approximate due to hasty nature of test.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN