Gibbon Pass (Out)ing

Banff Yoho Kootenay

Jaret Foster , Saturday 24th February, 2024 3:20PM

Took a long walk out to Gibbon Pass Friday. Wind scouring and wind loading has definitely been going on this week through the pass and adjacent slopes. Which had us avoid the good skiing for fear of wind slabs and enjoying some mediocre skiing on lower angles. Couple small sluffs in extreme terrain of the north face of Storm Mtn on our approach in the AM.
Did a quick pit on a NE aspect at 2350m since we walked so damn far. More complicated snowpack than expected. 1cm IF down 30cm. The CT8 & CT12 surrounded this layer. CT8(BRK) down 22 on 1mm FC CT12(BRK) down 37 on 1mm FC CT22(RP) down 50 ECTP2 down 3 ECTP14 down 36 ECTP27 down 48 Dug just above treeline on a wind exposed shoulder of Gibbon Peak. Surface snow PP and drifting into the pit.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN