Blackcomb Spearhead Vista Decker Phalanx Poo0

Sea To Sky

leetlau , Saturday 6th April, 2024 9:10PM

Be aware slots in Spearhead and Decker Gl still open. Broken skies with sun/ convective cloud early in the day. Winds light at ridgeline from SW. Pronounced suncrust on solar aspects. Not breakable if no debris or ski tracks but poor ski conditions if there were. Through the day E slopes started as firm supportive crust but became breakable as temps rose (Note below) and were in poor shape where there were ski tracks or debris. NE, NW, N slopes all skied really well with boot top to ankle pow. Pronounced greenhouse effect sometime mid afternoon with temps at approx 1800m on NW aspect going from -3 to zero in the space of a little over an hour. Didn't negatively affect higher elevations but I'd guess it would have made treeline and below exits into schmoo

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN