Rexford N

South Coast Inland

Sid Smith , Saturday 27th April, 2024 11:45PM

Went for Rexford N couloir but turned around at 1600m when we observed snow in the upper bowl to be saturated, and saw lots of recent (likely within last 24hrs) size 1-2 wet loose avalanche activity. Steep faces were shedding some snow & rock. Mixed precip was rolling in and out, freezing level seemed like it was high the previous night but was dropping during the day. We could only see the bottom half of the Couloir due to cloud but it appeared there wasn't much fresh snowfall at that elevation meaning it likely rained pretty high up on Friday which could have triggered the slides we observed. New snow will be falling on a sloppy, saturated layer up until at least around 1800m. We had to watch for triggering wet loose on steeper pitches on the way down.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN