Drumroll at Snowspider

South Coast Inland

LuJo , Monday 19th February, 2024 4:30PM

Observed a few avalanches on our way into Snowspider Hut, via the vantage col: - Old size 2 wind slab along the skin track towards vantage col on an east aspect at roughly 1750m. - Size 4 as described in the pictures - Size 1 skier triggered as described in the avalanche section. Drum like sounds and shooting cracks in the alpine in wind slab pockets. Powder in sheltered and trees areas. Surface hoar growing happily in wind shelters areas throughout, about 1.5 cm. Generally very variable surface conditions in the alpine, mixing from supportive wind crust to cracking and unsupportive wind crust to powder and sun crust. The weak layer below the wind slab is present in widespread areas and does not show signs of healing despite solar being presented during the three days of our trip.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN