Past avalanche to ground in Wilcox Pass


manchesterutdliam , Friday 16th February, 2024 10:30PM

Day trip up towards Wilcox Lake. Came across a past size 2.5 avalanche to ground. This is a southwest aspect just northwest of Wilcox Lake along Tangle Ridge. Only got a distant view and unsure of how or when it took place, although the valley looks like it's had lots of sun and lots of wind through the previous days. Large cornice debris field and loose avalanche debris off the southern aspect of the tangle ridge summit. Debris of a few older loose size 1 on southwest aspects of Nigel. The valley was overall very windblown, along with adjacent slopes, aside from a couple cm of recent evenly distributed snow. Once in the pass, spent most of the day in less than 30cm of snow. Lots of wind slab on lee features. Below tree line height of snow averaged closer to 70cm with pockets up to 120 with some tricky travel on unbroken steeper terrain due to the buried crust beneath softer snow. The buried crust started mostly unsupportive from the road and became increasingly supportive with elevation.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN