Almost to the Chickadee-Chimney Col

Banff Yoho Kootenay

lahayeamelia , Saturday 6th April, 2024 5:50PM

Went up Chickadee Valley today with hopes to do the Chickaboom traverse, but turned around just below the Chimney Col. 0 degrees at the car @0800. Travel was smooth through the valley with no wind and low visibility. Until noon when things started to clear. Below 2200m snow was wet but supportive and above ski pen was 15-20cm of moist on a south-east aspect through the Chimney Valley. At 13:00(2650m) we observed two consecutive whumphs on a SE aspect, near a rock outcropping on the glacier as the sun came out - showing immediate signs of solar input. We observed wet loose on solar aspects - nothing large. Ski quality was good on a south/east aspect and got significantly better as we transitioned to the north slope. Didn’t put skins on on the way out and made it to the car with minimal pushing.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN