Spearhead Traverse

Sea To Sky

Matys Pertl , Saturday 30th March, 2024 1:50PM

Me and my friend did a Spearhead Traverse yesterday. It was a long, very tiring day, finishing long after sunset in the dark but managed everything safely. It was a beautiful day with a few short stormy periods, rest was sunny. The skin track is well set the whole way, skiing and travelling conditions were very good, north aspect has about 20 cm of nice fluffy powder which was skiing very nice, slopes facing south on the other hand have really hard crust which is super difficult to ski and break through. Some wet loose avalanches on the south facing steep slopes. We avoided the repell down onto the overlord glacier and skiied down to the lower part instead and gained the elevation again skinning up towards Fissile. No issues or concerns skinning across the glaciers.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN