Crowfoot/little crow

Banff Yoho Kootenay

Rytheskiguy , Saturday 13th April, 2024 7:05AM

Skied crowfoot mountain and little crowfoot. Skied off true summit of crowfoot with thinner snowpack along ridge but decent travel . On slopes below ridge average of 15 cms of 4f unreactive wind slab on top of supportive crust, Good skiing. Heard a couple whumpfs in the moraine complex coming up on leeward steep rolls but no cracking. Travel was great throughout day no ski cramps needed. 11 am saw some cornice failures pulling small slabs below , off vulture peak (1.5-2) . Air temp was 0.5 at top of little crow around 1 pm. Mix of sun and clouds with light winds low down and moderate at ridge top (3000 meter and above).

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN