Spearhead Glacier Corona

Sea to Sky

leetlau , Thursday 24th March, 2022 1:30PM

Toured out to Corona Bowl via Spearhead Col Guides Notch to check out melt freeze. Precip must have fallen as rain all the way to top of Spearhead Col then changed to snow. Found a stout crust of between 5 to 10cms on Spearhead Glacier supporting skier weight. On N faces wind has deposited between 8 to 15cms of snow that skied very well on low angle and skied less well on higher angle ( Don't Swill looked terrible). Skies clear, winds light from SW. Temps -1 Size 1 natural on E facing slopes traversing from Don't Swill to Husume. Observed older debris chunks around that same slope. Lost ski crampons somewhere putting in the skin track from Spearhead Gl to Corona so if they turn up that'd be much appreciated (didn't need them btw)