🌻Sunny pow🌻

South Rockies

southrockies , Tuesday 12th March, 2024 4:40PM

Near Elkford today we found 20 cm of new snow over old tracks. We didn't notice any signs of instability and it seemed to be bonding well. We made it up to treeline and found the crust from early February down 1 m and unreactive in our snowpack tests. Even though we had one pit with good results we made sure to stick to safe, low-angle terrain and avoid terrain traps. During the day the clouds broke and the sun came out, knocking tree bombs off trees and causing the snow to roller ball or cinnamon bun. This had our spidy senses tingling and we were on high alert when travelling near slopes in the sun. We saw one decent sized (1.5) natural cornice collapse from extreme terrain that did not pull a slab. No other avalanches today.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN