Some sun, but not too much heat.

South Rockies

southrockies , Thursday 7th April, 2022 4:40PM

Today in Window Mountain bowl we found some pretty decent April skiing on a north aspect. We toured up a ridge where we had good observations of both south and north-facing slopes. The south slopes were getting moist and the temperature at 2300m was hovering around 0 degrees. With some wind and clouds and the last few nights of a good overnight refreeze the heat wasn't impacting the upper snowpack as much as anticipated by the forecasted high temperatures. We did see one size 1 avalanche out of steep, rocky terrain and some rollerballs during the afternoon but did leave the field at 2:30. The north-facing slope that we skied was pretty decent with some good cream cheese, but not enough to open it up as you could still hit the crust below.

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Heavy, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Sunny, Warm. We rode: Alpine slopes, Steep slopes. We avoided: Convex slopes. Riding quality was good.