Black Tusk on a Sunny Sunday

Sea To Sky

stephenh1694 , Monday 25th March, 2024 4:35PM

Day tour from Rubble Creek to Black Tusk. We started early to make the most of the firm travel conditions hiking up the switchbacks to Taylor meadows where we switched to touring mode and made it to the base of the tusk by 12pm. Seen lots of evidence of recent wet-loose slides on Southerly aspects from last week's warming cycle. Some signs of wind loading on the upper SW slopes with pockets of soft snow but overall the conditions seemed firm and stable. Skied down after a nice lunch/nap and were greeted by some nice corn on higher elevation southerly slopes which turned slushier at ~1700m. Skied all the way back to about the 3km point where the snowline ends. A beautiful way to spend a Sunday!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN