Last Day of MellowDryPow®️

South Rockies

southrockies , Thursday 14th March, 2024 4:00PM

With the Hazard rating at “Considerable”, we went out with a plan to: = stay in mellow terrain (slope angle lower than 30 degrees) = keep out from underneath big steep slopes that we might remotely trigger (“avoid overhead hazard”) = and to watch for cornices …. which are really big and overhanging right now It stayed mostly cloudy all day, with a few moments of sunshine, but the snowpack didn’t really get ‘heat-tested’ like we anticipate as we move into the weekend. No Natural Avalanches seen, nor any of those other ‘signs of instability’ (cracking, whumphing, hollow sounds); no reactivity to our sledding; no test results in our (one) snow pit. There was about 40 cm of soft snow in sheltered areas, the HS (full depth of snow) was decent at 250 cm at 2100 m, and that Feb 3rd layer was around 100 cm down.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN