Columbia Icefield


n.filiatrault01 , Friday 22nd March, 2024 2:30PM

We spent 4 days skiing in the Columbia Icefield from March 17 to 20. We accessed it by Saskatchewan Glacier, Atabaska third icefall does not seem to go (check photo 1). We skied Castleguard, Columbia, Andromeda and Snowdome. Weather: Daytime temperatures were above freezing level at 2800m but western wind kept it cooler. Sunshine and rainbows for first 2 days, greenhousing on the 19 and 20cm of new snow on the 20. Avalanche Summary: Few point release size 1 from seracs falls on steep slopes were observed. Sa size 2 on Castleguard at 13h45 - was triggered 3/4 down the slope (see X on photo 2) but no involvement, it was on a mix bed surface of crust and rocks, 50 to 100cm deep, 25m wide & 100m long, at 2800m, NE aspect. Snowpack: HS varies from 150cm to over 320cm on the glacier. Lower HS on Snowdome with as minimum of 40cm. Ski conditions: Skiing was ok. Very variable. Mix of wind and sun affected snow. Low angle slopes had the best skiing. Other observations: Ravens are there 💩.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN