A little more like spring in Corbin

Lizard Range and Flathead

southrockies , Thursday 21st April, 2022 4:50PM

There is still between 2-3 meters of snow at treeline in the Corbin area. We took the time to dig to the ground today, to revisit layers formed earlier this winter, and ponder their potential as critical avalanche layers if real spring ever arrives. The upper snowpack consisted of a variety of melt-freeze crusts and the midpack is well consolidated and firm. We didn’t find any loose, weak sugary, faceted crystals at the bottom of the snowpack at this spot. It was +2 at 2100 m and the recent storm snow was becoming moist. There were some wet loose avalanches (size 1-1.5) out of steep alpine and treeline features and cornices look big and mature. The skiing was shmoopy, but the day was pleasant enough after last week’s cold and windy weather.

Snow conditions were: Heavy. Weather conditions were: Cloudy, Warm. We rode: Open trees, Steep slopes. Riding quality was ok.