Steep Ck conditions

South Coast Inland

albertocsanz , Sunday 14th April, 2024 11:50PM

Day trip to Steep Ck. Skinned from the road, but in a day or two you'll need to walk a ways. Over 1 m HS at Darkside lake. South faces opposite side of the highway are almost completely dry. Above the hut snow was wet and there was little overnight freeze. Above 2000 m on shaded North facing terrain the snow was 30 cm of dry light-ish powder. Snow got progressively wetter below that. Evidence of recent storm slab probably releasing on a crust. No instabilities noted. Pinwheeling was evident even on North faces by the time we left the area at 4PM. Sun was out all day, but a bit of cloud cover made it fairly pleasant and probably preserved the snow a bit.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN