Panorama Ridge

Sea To Sky

danielle.trice , Monday 18th March, 2024 7:50AM

Patchy coverage on switch backs for ~2km and multiple trees down. Followed summer track to Taylor Meadows camp and contoured meadow to the ridgeline to avoid possible slides on S aspects of Black Tusk. Met snowshoer descending while gaining the ridge and he mentioned two skiers had crossed the lake. Lower ridge was corn and mid ridge was light powder which stuck to skins so we re-waxed before the steeper pitch summit. Two skied north aspect which was variable. One skied the ridge which was good. We didn’t observe any new avalanches during the day, but saw several wet avalanches (mostly size 1) and a size 2 avalanche on the SE aspect of Black Tusk. We didn’t record temperature during the day, but it was above freezing all day.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN