Mear Lake

South Rockies

southrockies , Tuesday 26th March, 2024 4:50PM

Today in Mear Lake we had great access from the round prairie staging area. The groomed trail is in great shape! We decided to search out the most shallow north- facing slopes so we toured up a ridge to 2350 m where we dug a profile to test the deep layers in the snowpack. We found 150 cm total depth of snow. The most recent melt-freeze crust was down 20 cm and there was a good bond at this interface. In the mid-pack the melt-freeze crust with facets above and below it was found down 80 cm. There were no results in our extended column test but we did get a result in our Propagation Saw Test (48/100 end on FC size 3) While we feel that this persistent weak layer is dormant at the moment we will continue to monitor this layer in preparation for the spring warm temperatures. No new avalanches were observed today and the south aspects were getting slightly moist as we left the field but no signs of roller balls or cinnamon buns.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN