Pleasant change of plans

Banff Yoho Kootenay

Rytheskiguy , Thursday 21st March, 2024 7:55AM

Quick - Much more snow than expected lead to a change in plans. Skied flower couloir and 4 laps in the glades. Average of 15cm of fist over the crust (supportive to ski) up to 2300 meters. At 2400 meters and above Crust was not present on the north quarter. Top of flower(stem) was seeing up to 30 cms of fist on 4f trending 1F until basement facets and depth hoar (fist) . Slough management was key. Sloughing out of extreme rocky thin terrain was evident on all features. Overall awesome day, miracle march is shaping up!! Snow pack - Dug a quick pit at 2400 meter. HS 130 snowpack trending fist to 1F up until basement. CTH 22 , 91 down on facets/depthhoar. Above 2400 meters Hand sheers giving moderate/hard results down 91 Weather -Day started out with -5.5 in the parking lot of bow summit , 12 cms if fist from overnight and 19 cm by 4 o’clock in parking lot . Top of flower couloir -6.7 around 12 o’clock . S1 and overcast for most of day with brief periods of broken skies.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN