Bell couloir

Banff Yoho Kootenay

bryan.daneau , Monday 20th May, 2024 4:45PM

Terrific conditions up Bell couloir. We hiked from parking to about 1900m where we put skins on. Over 120cm at the lake - easy travel on the lake and up the Headwall near the waterfall. Slightly moist snow overlying a solid and supportive crust up the morraines. Some debris in parts of the line up to the bootpack transition which came down the side gullies previously. We boot packed the choke and crampons were useful. 25-40cm of dense powder to the col overlaying the prior crust interface. Great skiing all the way back to the lake - from powder to mashed p’s over a supportive crust. Of note, an older Na size 2.5-3 with what looked like a 2m crown N facing just under the start of Bell NE ridge near the gully. We were able to ski down back to about 1750m ish. Nobody else aside from a hiker who had a bad day post holing around the lake. It ain’t over just yet !

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN