Observation Sub Peak

Banff Yoho Kootenay

Brad Roach , Wednesday 3rd April, 2024 7:35PM

Observation Sub Peak Tour: Late start due to a rainy morning. Above 2200m, rain effect dissipated and 4-10 cm of now snow sits atop or continues to build the fresh windslabs below. Lots of natural activity observed. One Sz 2, suspect cornice failure of Jimmy Simpson observed at 1015, and several size 2 Na came down off cirque north bowl and the cirque forepeak couloirs during the day. On the observation sub peak ridge, we remote triggered a 1.5 cornice failure running down to the bowl below. Windslab is widespread and reactive in the alpine and scrubbing down to deeper instabilities in specific areas. At the top of the observation sub peak N glacier, we dug a hasty pit and compression tests yielded easy sudden planar results on facets below windslabs (down 20) and moderate sudden collapse results below the Feb 3 (down 80) and Oct DH at the base of the overall uninspiring snowpack.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN