Helen Shoulder

Banff Yoho Kootenay

goforjonah , Friday 22nd March, 2024 5:20PM

Headed up helen shoulder today. Our goal was to explore both north and south facing aspects. 1- Before ripping the skins we heard from across the valley a loud sound and watched a decently sized avalanche rip north aspect off Bowcrow Peak. Clouds covered the top section preventing us to see much and the debris landed in the shade and was hard to distinguish during the rest of the day. Photo below. 2- We dug snow pit on north. **disclaimer not a snow ops pro or anything, take the following at your own discretion** Probed 125cm of snow, with clear change in the snowpack 70cm down from hard pack to full facets. CTM12 80. // ECTP18 80.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN