Healy/Lost Horse/Bourgeau Meadows

Banff Yoho Kootenay

ahiggs , Sunday 14th April, 2024 9:55AM

Nice touring from Healy area towards Bourgeau meadows. Tried to find softer snow on northern and eastern aspects with minimal success - it appears low angle slopes of all aspects are getting sun-baked at this time of year! Winds were moderate-high throughout the day with minimal wind transport due to firmness of snow, thankfully the breeze kept surfaces cool enough to avoid skin stick. Evidence of significant seasonal windloading on all eastern aspects with extensive large cornice formation. Rapid temperature increase evident from roughly 0930, and solar input at this elevation made the crux of the day our return to the Healy Pass area below large cornices on Healy 2 (?).

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN