Vancouver Island

Ben Godwin , Monday 4th March, 2024 10:50PM

Spent sat and sun at Cain. Saturday, we observed many natural crown lines up to 30 cm deep in the steep sections of the 3'oclock trees, we skied the less steep (skiers left) side and did not observe any slab activity, sluff was running fast and far though. Sunday we skied again in the 3'oclock, snow was still very light and sluff was still very fast and running far, we skied the steepest lines of the trees avoiding the convex rolls. We also skied the skiers right side of the west bowl, the snow had stiffened considerably especially in the afternoon. We observed the crown lines of several older sz 1-2 avalanches on all aspects in the west bowl. We also found a couple of rocks in the west bowl, its still shallow out there!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN