It (C)ain't over 'til it's over

Vancouver Island

AvCan Vancouver Island , Thursday 4th April, 2024 4:10PM

After perusing weather models and seeing North Island destinations in the lead for forecast snow, we headed up to the Mount Cain area to take a look. At 1200 m, heavy rain switched to heavy, wet snowfall at about 10:30 AM. Between then and our departure at around 2:30 PM, about 15 cm of moist new snow had accumulated. A nice little reset! New snow was bonding pretty much instantaneously to the wet surfaces that preceded the snowfall, but we noted elevated south winds at 1300 m and would expect reactive wind slabs forming on leeward slopes at ridgetop. Management of a prior injury kept our own travel limited to rescue practices in the weather station meadow.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN