Sluffy on the Duffey

South Coast Inland

amiller0185 , Friday 23rd February, 2024 6:00PM

Went to check out Cayoosh and ascended south of armchair glacier. Snow from parking but pretty bad and low until you get to the alpine. Alpine is wind loaded and pressed, evidence of avalanches on all aspects. Dug a pit around 1930m on a ENE aspect. Around 40cm of transported and new snow from the last storm atop 3cm of 1.5mm facets and a thick melt crust. This is what we were expecting to see. We got ECTN24 failing at those facets but arresting at about 50% of the column length. Sliced down to CT and got CT12 sudden collapse but with decent friction. Walked up to the lakes and rode down the wind transported snow, remotely triggered a D1 wet soft wind slab on an E aspect slope at 1840m. Rest of tour was uneventful but fun.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN