Matier NW

South Coast Inland

gabrielrobinsonleith , Friday 12th April, 2024 9:50PM

Skied Matier NW face on Friday. Tried to climb the north face but felt a little too exposed under strong solar radiation. We skied around to the base of the NW face and booted up. On our way up we heard several natural sz 1.5 dry loose coming down the SW face of Joffre. We turned around and skied chalky pow back down to the glacier. It was cloudy in the morning, sun came out round 11am and begun nuking the slopes. Close to 0 degrees all day at all elevations. Snow on northern faces above 2000m were soft and slightly slabby down 10-15cm. Below 1800m there was an intense sun crust that made the ski out to Cerise creek slightly miserable. Great snow, great crew, great day!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN