Vancouver Island

Youngbloodben , Sunday 18th February, 2024 6:50PM

Skinable snow starting around 1100m. Saturated snow up to 1400m where we turned around due to low hopes snow quality would improve. Heavy, wet, grabby snow makes you feel like a kid who can’t ski again! Tonnes of pinwheeling. CTM14 down 35cm on crust, SP. 22 degree slope west aspect 1400m. CTH21 down 10cm also on a crust, RP. Same grade/aspect/elevation. Foggy all day, temps above 0 at 1400m. No precip, no wind where we were, couldn’t visualize ridgetops. No avy obs. Cool area, will definitely be back to fly fish the Nahmint in the summer!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN