Lipalian tour

Banff Yoho Kootenay

AlexM , Friday 23rd February, 2024 7:00AM

Calamity slide path : hard wind pressed top half, 15cm F dry undisturbed snow over supportive crust to ski bottom half. At 2300m on solar aspect top few cm moist by noon. Baker bowl : sastrugi and wind pressed at ridge top quickly softening up. 4F 2-4cm wind crust over 10-15cm soft dry snow in the bowl at 14:00. Strong west wind at ridge top. Intense blowing snow. Ski tracks fully covered within 30min in upper portion of the bowl. Purple bowl : up to 15m wind slab on NE slope over Fc. NW facing slope had up to 10cm of soft snow over supportive crust. No new avalanches observed.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN