Cathedral - super good enough if your start early

Banff Yoho Kootenay

AlpineLifeSnowpackReport , Monday 15th April, 2024 8:30AM

The spring day/night cycle is here. If you dont leave early travel conditions will be awful. If dont finish early, the way down will be through mushy unsupportive snow if it is in the sun. The variablilty make it tricky, one moment you are on supportive snow, the next your entire ski punches through. There were lots of signs of fresh wet slides. Morning (before ~9am): Below treeline : rock hard frozen snow Treeline : similar to below treeline but softer. Alpine : pretty good Afternoon: Below treeline: absolute unsupportive trash if in the sun Treeline -alpine: pretty awesome, slick popcorn snow.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN