Upper Victoria glacier

Banff Yoho Kootenay

bryan.daneau , Sunday 24th March, 2024 3:45PM

Stopped short of our objective which was N Vic - Collier col - Headwall didn’t look inviting at all - thin, rocky with old slabs and loose wet debris with cornices to finish it all. Pulled the pin at 2900m or so. Avi path next to the teahouse went size 3-3.5 during the last cycle. You can see the pocket that popped in red - it went full path and up the bottom moraine - it was yuge. Most E facing overhead heading up the valley also went during the last cycle. Probed over 280cm at 2700m - no significant cracks or dips except near séracs. 35cm to the March 20th and 105cm to Feb 3rd - right side up snowpack. Sun packed a punch - we had moist surface snow up to 2900m and were skiing heavy mashed potatoes in the avi path. Observed some size 1.5/2 Na loose wet that ran quite a bit that initiated in steep unskiabke terrain. Surprise pass had more tracks than Delirium Dive. Access gully to Aberdeen was quite rocky. Noticed wind effect at Abbott pass towards Lefroy.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN