Cayoosh Armchair Zone

South Coast Inland

trasmussen , Wednesday 21st February, 2024 10:10PM

15-20cm new snow overnight. 20 to 40cm of heavy moist powder over MFCR in all elevations skied. Suspect rapid slab development in past 24hrs with warm temperatures. Numerous loose dry avalanches out of steep terrain on NW aspects to size 1. Sc wet slab to size 1 on steep roll at 1850m E aspect, failing on crust down 35cm. Otherwise no new slab avalanches observed. Experienced a large whumpf on east aspect at 1950m near morainal feature. Test profile near by at 1900m east aspect: HS 95cm, ECTP5 down 38cm on 4cm thick layer of facets (size 2mm) above MFCR. See photo.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN