Vermillion Slide Path

Banff Yoho Kootenay

wseah , Sunday 24th March, 2024 10:00AM

Set off from Numa Falls lot with Mt Vermillion and/or Haffner as objectives. Low coverage made for 4 hours of horrendous bushwhacking and log climbing to make 1700m, at which point we could finally skin. Decided to forego the summits and descend down the main slide path. Found 400-500m of great dust on crust turns on skiers left of the slide path, small breakable surface crust that only slightly reduced quality. After that we were funnelled into the avi debris that ran last week, Chose to bootpack it for most of the way down. -8 at 7:30am, +2 when we got back at 4pm. Cloudy skies for most of the day kept things cool, snow stayed relatively dry for most of the day. No signs on instability observed.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN