Steep Creek avalanches

South Coast Inland

albertocsanz , Monday 4th March, 2024 10:50PM

Spent March 2nd and 3rd in the area. Amazing snow but lots of signs of instabilities. Temps stayed cold at around -10C, little sun: - Saturday lots of whumpfing on the approach to the hut and above it primarily in the trees. A size 2-3 slide was visible North of Chute 56 bump. Saturday afternoon we skied supported under 30 deg slopes, and noticed a size 1.5-2 with a 1 m crown which was probably remotely triggered by another party. A number of pits nearby all showed a 90 cm storm snow releasing easily on a thick layer of facets. HS of 200 cm in the area. Other size 2-3 avalanches in the alpine, all aspects were visible. - Sunday the whumpfing continued, with some small precipitation overnight. Skied similar slopes as on Saturday. Witnessed another natural size 2 on extreme alpine terrain just above the lake that reached it in the morning. More naturals observed on steep terrain as the day progressed. We dug a few more pits at 2000 m West aspects all showing similar profiles, with main problem being a thick layer of facets at 70-90 cm.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN