Crowfoot Glades

Banff Yoho Kootenay

paddymurphy , Monday 4th March, 2024 10:51PM

Quite an uneventful day. -20 C at truck heading in with very light wind and mainly cloudy. Back at the truck it was -10 C at 2:30 PM and little wind as well. High in Alpine to the south west you could see some wind and snow transport. Skied some very short laps on mellow terrain to get a feel for things. Both on climb and descent there were no observations of instability despite reports from another group there was. Skied north facing slopes and did go over a couple of small pitches greater than 30 degrees. No slough or instability. These pitches were from 2050 m to 2200 m Move a little west towards the moraine and skied a little steeper section with parts greater than 30 degrees from 1950 m to 2200 m. No instability noted. This was NW facing. Again no slab noted and snow was largely consistent suggesting the wind hasn’t transported much into the area who has impacted yet. No pits were dug. Managed the terrain as one should obviously be doing this week until things settle down. Lighting wasn’t the best to observe any natural activity in the valley along the steeper aspects.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN